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We are thrilled to introduce WDN Action, a new way for us as progressive women donors to advance political change through advocacy, issue-based electoral campaigns, and strategic, long-term civic engagement of underrepresented communities.

The impact we can have to influence progressive change is much stronger when we work together. Our sister organization WDN has been developing a model of collective giving that is bold, catalytic, innovative, and community-driven, and that has produced real results. Now we have an opportunity to apply that same model of collective impact to our political giving and activism with WDN Action.


WDN Action is a tool for individual women donors to leverage their 501(c)(4) dollars together for more strategic impact. C4 dollars enable communities to have a political voice – fueling the important power- building work we need right now: lobbying, advocacy, ballot measure campaigns, and civic engagement, around elections and year-round. WDN Action can play a critical leadership role and partner with other aligned funders to move resources in a quick, nimble, and coordinated way in this important moment in our political history. Our work will cover three main areas:

  • Advocacy and Lobbying: Each year in DC, and year-round at home.

  • Strategic Collective Grantmaking: Pooled funding to provide critical C4 dollars to work that adds power to our priorities

  • Candidate Decision Support: Bringing leverage, strategy, and coordination to individual donors and their direct candidate giving.


Jenifer Fernandez Ancona, WDN Action Director

Board of Directors

Donna P. Hall, President
Carol M. Barger, Secretary
Melissa S. Flournoy, Treasurer
Kathleen C. Barry
Quinn Delaney
Gretchen Sisson
Jenny Tomkins
Carol Winograd